Cutting boards, a must-have in the kitchen

Whether it's made of wood, plastic or glass, the chopping board has become an essential accessory for every good cook.

How to choose one?

The dimensions to take into account
To determine the board you need, it is important to take into account a few elements such as: the way you work, the space available, the food products you use... A professional does not practice his art in the same way and in the same environment as a private individual. Their expectations and needs in terms of utensils and chopping boards are different.

Working and storage space is an indicator that should not be overlooked. After using and washing the board, it must be placed in a place where it is easily and quickly accessible. Do you hang it up with the integrated handle? Or do you place it on the edge between two other utensils? The answer to these questions lies in the layout of your kitchen and the storage space available.

As a general rule, a standard size chopping board is around 300 x 200 mm with a thickness of 10 to 20 mm. It is small enough to fit between two items or into a drawer. Larger models are also available and custom-made models can be considered. This is what we offer at Lobrot. Every cook's needs are different. That's why we give you the opportunity to order custom-made chopping boards.


Style is important

The art of cooking has become increasingly popular over the past few years, with numerous TV shows and books on the subject. This discipline is no longer the exclusive domain of professionals and is now attracting more and more enthusiasts and beginners.

This phenomenon and this new craze explain the appearance on the market of coloured and patterned cutting boards. While the use of coloured tools is not new in the professional kitchen (as opposed to the cutting board used for meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables), the patterns are. They refresh and rejuvenate this product.

Made of wood or plastic, the chopping board is no longer a simple kitchen accessory for cutting meat and vegetables. It has become a design tool that must be practical, presentable and at the same time fit in with the kitchen.

For example, a wooden chopping board can be used as a presentation tray at business events or during an aperitif with friends.


Material and care of the board

A plastic cutting board does not require the same care as a wooden model.

The plastic board:
It is resistant to water and moisture. It is easy to clean as it can be put in the dishwasher or washed by hand.

However, this material is still sensitive to strong heat sources. This can damage the surface and cause the board to warp, making it difficult and unpleasant to cut your products.

The wooden board:
This noble material works throughout its life. Depending on the degree of humidity or heat, the wood can swell to a greater or lesser extent, causing small cracks to appear.

These cracks are of no real consequence. They will not allow the growth of micro-organisms and bacteria if the board is properly maintained after use.

Many studies have shown that wood naturally fights bacteria. It eliminates germs on the surface thanks to its porosity which absorbs liquids by capillary action.

Beech wood board

Beech boardGutter for collecting juices and sauces when cuttingDurable and soft wooden surface for y

Price from 8.57€
See the 4 models

Block in HDPE 500

Block in HD500 polyethyleneBlock in pressed HD500 polyethyleneAvailable colours: white and brownIdea

Price from 250.04€
See the 9 models

Boad HD500 pressed (HDPE)

Boad HD500 pressed (HDPE) Available dimensions: 20,25,30,40 and 50 mm Pressed polyethylene plate

Price from 17.25€
See the 69 models

Board for showcase (HDPE)

Board for showcase (HDPE) 2 lateral guides fixed Option : 1 lateral guide fixed 1 lateral

Price from 96.12€
See the 6 models

Board in the shape of a rib of beef

Board in the shape of a rib of beefBeef rib shapeIdeal for preparing and cutting meatMade of woodGoo

Price from 8.09€
See the 2 models

Board with juice bag and anti-slip base (HDPE)

Board with juice bag and anti-slip base (HDPE) Cutting board in Polyethylene Available only in w

Price from 26.73€
See the 10 models

Bread board with removable grid

Bread board with removable gridMakes it easy to collect crumbsMade of beech woodEasy to clean


HDPE board made to measure

HDPE board made to measureMultifunctional and hygienic: does not retain food odoursMade-to-measure m

Price from 148.93€
See the 16 models

LAYING TRAY - 45X40 - H.96 CM

LAYING TRAY - 45X40 - H.96 CM


One-piece round cutting board

One-piece round chopping boardCertified for food contactOffers a nice working surfaceDoes not dull t

Price from 24.39€
See the 2 models

One-piece wooden board

One-piece wooden board4 models availableMade of woodEcological and very resistant cutting boardIdeal

Price from 29.46€
See the 4 models

Parsley board

Parsley boardIdeal for cutting parsley and other herbsOptimal durabilitySturdyMade of natural beechE

Price from 4.55€
See the 3 models

Polyethylene board

Polyethylene boardCertified for food contactAcid resistantResistant to hot water

Price from 12.76€
See the 2 models

Professional chopping board

Professional chopping boardSolid and robust2 screwed-on tipsMade of woodSeveral models available

Price from 38.83€
See the 6 models

Professional oval wooden board with gutter

Professional oval wooden board with gutterMade of natural woodEasy to clean: wipe with a damp cloth

Price from 26.90€
See the 3 models


STAINLESS STEEL RACK FOR 6 BOARDSCapacity: 6 boardsLightweight and durable4 non-slip padsSpace-savin


Wood fiber cutting board

Wood fiber cutting boardSlate and wood colourWood from sustainably managed forestsHygienic and easy

Price from 9.85€
See the 7 models

Wooden log board

Wooden log boardGutters for collecting fruit, vegetable and meat juicesVery resistantMade of natural

Price from 59.31€
See the 3 models
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