Kitchen utensils

Whether you are an amateur, a young apprentice or a seasoned cook, you are looking for quality equipment at a lower cost to accompany you throughout your professional and enthusiastic activity.

In order to meet this demand and many others, Lobrot has selected and developed a wide range of accessories and utensils that meet the food standards in force today.

In this section you will find essentials such as spatulas, dishes, shovels and spoons. All these items are made of wood or other materials that are not harmful to health. The materials we have selected do not leave any deposits on the food, even when subjected to gradual or violent temperature changes. There is no risk of poisoning your guests or yourself through contamination of your food by your utensils.

Passionate and specialist in the world of cooking, we wanted to offer you dishes and utensils that allow you as professionals and amateurs to practice, share and express your know-how without risk and in the best conditions.

We make it a point of honour to develop utensils that can withstand the intensive activity of professionals. This is the guarantee for private individuals to acquire accessories of very good quality, practical, and with an excellent lifespan provided that they are properly maintained.

Chefs, apprentices and novices can trust our range of kitchen utensils and professional accessories.

Crepes rake

Crepes rakeMade of beech woodEasy to cleanCertified for food contactEasy to spread the pancake batte

Price from 1.16€
See the 2 models

Mustard spatula

Mustard spatulaCertified food contact qualityMade of wood

Price from 0.96€
See the 3 models

Natural wood shovel for oven

Natural wood shovel for ovenMade of beech woodProfessional modelCertified food standardMade in Franc

Price from 52.87€
See the 2 models

Pastry roll

Pastry rollVarious roller models availableAvailable materials: wood and polyethyleneCertified food c

Price from 6.57€
See the 6 models

Pestles and mortars

Pestles and mortarsVery useful for crushing and grindingEasy to useSeveral models available

Price from 4.69€
See the 3 models

Pickle tongs

Pickle tongsEasy and pleasant to holdExcellent resistanceEasy to washDoes not absorb odoursCertified

Price from 1.36€
See the 2 models

PIZZA ROLLER - 53x3 cm

PIZZA ROLLER - 53x3 cmBeech woodFood standardsDimensions : 530 x 30 mmDo not put in the dishwasher


Plate coaster

Plate coasters Various models: cork, melamine, nice Ideal for everyday use Eco-friend

Price from 2.57€
See the 6 models

Professional spatula in beech

Professional spatula in beechEasy to cleanCertified "Food Contact QualityHanging hole

Price from 1.35€
See the 11 models

Professional wooden corner spatula

For scraping and stirring preparationsEasy to cleanHanging holeCertified food contact quality

Price from 1.57€
See the 3 models

Reinforced food scoop

Reinforced food scoopMade of aluminiumDurableEasy to cleanVarious sizes of scoops available

Price from 10.40€
See the 6 models


SET OF 6 BEER FOAM CUTTERSMade of polypropyleneLight and practicalAllows the removal of excess foam


Spatula with holes in HDPE

Spatula with holes in HDPECertified for food contactAcid resistantResistant to hot waterEasy to clea

Price from 74.54€
See the 3 models

Stainless steel colander

Stainless steel colanderVery fine wire mesh to prevent debris from passing throughPlastic handleHang

Price from 7.64€
See the 8 models

Stainless steel grill

Stainless steel grillStainless steel wireWith retracted feet for use in a rimmed dishIdeal for drain

Price from 18.84€
See the 6 models

Stainless steel sieve

Stainless steel sieveFine mesh for optimal sievingStainless steel constructionSuitable for daily use

Price from 31.78€
See the 2 models

Stainless steel tea strainer

Stainless steel tea strainerVery fine wire mesh to prevent debris from passing throughPlastic handle

Price from 3.11€
See the 2 models

Tinned double sieve with wooden handle

Tinned double sieve with wooden handleWooden handleMedium double sieve, tinned3 models

Price from 9.26€
See the 3 models

Tinned stock ladle with plastic handle

Tinned stock ladle with plastic handle

Price from 5.77€
See the 3 models


TurntablesCertified food contact qualityMade of beech woodModel with edges

Price from 16.90€
See the 3 models

Twist of the wafer

Twist of the waferMade of beech woodAllows you to turn the Breton pancakes and galettes during cooki

Price from 2.37€
See the 1 models


WOODEN SPATULA WITH SCRAPER - L.14 CMMade of beech wood, it will resist well to heatIdeal length for


Wooden spoons for the kitchen

Wooden spoons for the kitchenRot-proofMachine washableCertified for food contactHigh temperature res

Price from 1.12€
See the 5 models
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