HDPE cutting boards

HDPE cutting boards

Made from HDPE, our chopping boards are ideal for preparing dishes and desserts. They allow you to prepare your meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and spices easily and safely for your guests and yourself. They are designed to cope with the intensive and fast-paced daily routine of professional cooks.

The choice of this material is not insignificant. HDPE has many undeniable advantages. It is suitable for storing, transporting and cutting foodstuffs. Unlike other plastics, it does not leave any toxic deposits on foodstuffs that could be harmful to health.

It is also appreciated for its resistance to chemicals and temperature variations. This property of HDPE allows you to place your boards without fear in a refrigerator or freezer with your ingredients on them. However, be careful not to expose them to strong sources of heat, as this could damage their surface.

Thanks to this plastic, Lobrot HDPE chopping boards do not require any particular maintenance, unlike wood, which takes a lot of time and attention. They can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. They are waterproof, which considerably increases their lifespan and usefulness.

With their neutral or modern design, these boards are suitable for professionals, beginners and amateurs, whether or not they practice intensive cooking.

Block in HDPE 500

Block in HD500 polyethyleneBlock in pressed HD500 polyethyleneAvailable colours: white and brownIdea

Price from 250.04€
See the 9 models

Boad HD500 pressed (HDPE)

Boad HD500 pressed (HDPE) Available dimensions: 20,25,30,40 and 50 mm Pressed polyethylene plate

Price from 17.25€
See the 69 models

Board for showcase (HDPE)

Board for showcase (HDPE) 2 lateral guides fixed Option : 1 lateral guide fixed 1 lateral

Price from 96.12€
See the 6 models

Board with juice bag and anti-slip base (HDPE)

Board with juice bag and anti-slip base (HDPE) Cutting board in Polyethylene Available only in w

Price from 26.73€
See the 10 models

HDPE board made to measure

HDPE board made to measureMultifunctional and hygienic: does not retain food odoursMade-to-measure m

Price from 148.93€
See the 16 models

Polyethylene board

Polyethylene boardCertified for food contactAcid resistantResistant to hot water

Price from 12.76€
See the 2 models


STAINLESS STEEL RACK FOR 6 BOARDSCapacity: 6 boardsLightweight and durable4 non-slip padsSpace-savin

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