About Lobrot

Lobrot by Multiroir

Presentation of the company :

LOBROT by Multiroir is the result of the merger of the CHR / HORECA activities of the companies Lobrot and Multiroir.

The Lobrot company was founded in 1898 and has developed a real expertise in the fields of sieving, boissellerie and cutting of polyethylene boards. Lobrot has always given priority to the quality of its products for its professional customers in the catering and food industry.

As for Multiroir, since its creation in 1957 it has developed a range of catering equipment for storage and handling.

The merger of the two companies results in the creation of a new brand, a new entity, entirely dedicated to its professional customers.

The know-how of the two entities in highly specialised fields converged to create a unique product offering on the market.

Thus, LOBROT by Multiroir is able to provide high quality products at the best price.

  • Wooden boards for the catering industry
  • Standard and made-to-measure PE boards
  • Kitchen utensils in wood, stainless steel
  • Display cabinets
  • Plexiglas dishes
  • Food storage equipment
  • Glass bins
  • Dish racks
  • Multi-purpose trolleys