Wooden cutting boards

Wooden boards

A must in the kitchen, the wooden cutting board is the tool that helps in the preparation of dishes. It is used for cutting food such as meat, fish, vegetables and fruit.

Wood is a popular and recommended material for making boards and logs that will come into contact with foodstuffs. It is hygienic and incredibly durable. This is because it is living and working throughout its life. It swells and expands when its environment undergoes changes in temperature and/or humidity. It is true that this phenomenon is responsible for the appearance of cracks. However, these cracks do not affect the board or the food that is cut into it.

The wood naturally eliminates germs and bacteria from the board. Its porosity allows it to absorb liquids by capillary action. The micro-organisms present on the wood are absorbed and eliminated. If the board is well maintained, the growth of bacteria is more than limited.

To clean and preserve your board, we recommend that you avoid using a dishwasher. We recommend using a mild detergent or a soft brush to scrape the surface of the wood, especially after cutting meat and fish. Once washed, wipe it thoroughly before storing it on the edge.

To avoid cross-contamination between raw foods, we recommend using different cutting boards for meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.

Beech wood board
Made from beech wood, this chopping board is tough and durable. It's designed to withstand the rigours of everyday food ...

PEH_01 Wooden cutting boards 08/08/2022 1015

Price from 2.69€ 9.24€
See the 4 models
Board in the shape of a rib of beefBeef rib shapeIdeal for preparing and cutting meatMade of woodGood thicknessEasy to c...

PFCB_01 Wooden cutting boards 08/08/2022 1594

Price from 8.72€
See the 2 models
Bread board with removable gridMakes it easy to collect crumbsMade of beech woodEasy to clean...

L48125 Wooden cutting boards 08/08/2022 847

One-piece round chopping boardCertified for food contactOffers a nice working surfaceDoes not dull the knivesIdeal for c...

PDMR Wooden cutting boards 08/08/2022 985

Price from 33.30€
See the 2 models
Made in France from quality beech wood, these one-piece chopping boards are sturdy, hard-wearing and environmentally fri...

PMB_01 Wooden cutting boards 08/08/2022 1341

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Parsley boardIdeal for cutting parsley and other herbsOptimal durabilitySturdyMade of natural beechEasy to maintain...

PP_01 Wooden cutting boards 08/08/2022 817

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Professional chopping board
Solid and robust2 screwed-on tipsMade of woodSeveral models available...

PAHP_01 Wooden cutting boards 08/08/2022 1222

Price from 13.41€ 46.06€
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Professional oval wooden board with gutter
Whether you're a professional chef, a cooking enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates high-quality kitchen utensils...

PPOBR Wooden cutting boards 08/08/2022 1024

Price from 22.13€ 73.77€
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Wood fiber cutting board
Wood fiber cutting boardSlate and wood colourWood from sustainably managed forestsHygienic and easy to cleanDoes not dul...

PFDB Wooden cutting boards 08/08/2022 2948

Price from 4.31€ 8.87€
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Wooden log boardGutters for collecting fruit, vegetable and meat juicesVery resistantMade of natural woodEasy to clean...

PBB Wooden cutting boards 08/08/2022 1055

Price from 70.36€
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