Bins and dishes for displaying, storing and taking away your products

In this section, you will find a wide range of trays and dishes for use in the food industry. They have been specially designed to meet the needs and challenges of the food industry.

Each of our products meets the quality requirements expected by professionals. They are hygienic and resistant. Most of them are equipped with solid and smooth walls to avoid the stagnation of materials in the bottom. This type of surface is very easy to clean.

Our products are either made of polypropylene plastic or stainless steel. Both materials have been selected for their non-contamination properties. Some components used in the manufacture of boxes and containers are not suitable. When subjected to temperature variations, they leave deposits that are potentially hazardous to health. Fortunately, this is not the case for our products. We have taken care to choose materials that are recognised and suitable for food contact. All our products with this standard are certified.

In this section, we offer :

  • COMBI BOX: these are hermetic boxes sold with their lid. This product is perfectly suited to temperature variations. It is ideal for selling ready-to-eat dishes.
  • GASTRONORM containers: two types of models are available: stainless steel and polypropylene. Depending on the model and material, they can be used for cooking, storage, reheating, transport, rapid cooling and presentation.
  • Plexiglas trays: in black or white, they allow and facilitate the presentation of products on the counter or in the shop window.

Many other products are also available. They allow you to present, store and transport your foodstuffs as simply as possible.

COMBI BOX square food boxes

Particularly suitable for food products, COMBI BOXes offer a perfect seal and a tamper-evident closu

Price from 0.41€
See the 15 models

Rectangular COMBI BOX food packaging

Particularly suitable for food products, COMBI BOXes offer a perfect seal and a tamper-evident closu

Price from 0.47€
See the 6 models
Airtight Food Containers

Airtight Food Containers

The Multiroir airtight food containers are perfect for storing and preserving food products.These co

Price from 2.17€
See the 13 models


BASICBOX The Basic box series is a great and solid storage solution for all products and foodstuffs

Price from 2.40€
See the 9 models

COMBI BOX round food box

The plastic food containers of the FOODBOX series are particularly suited to food products, but can

Price from 0.30€
See the 13 models

Container for 1/1 GN tray - 41 x 59 x 59 cm

Container for 1/1 GN tray - 41 x 59 x 59 cm Weight : 8.9 kg Compatible with industrial dishwashe

102.97€ 171.62€

Crystal Cases

 Crystal cases featuring pure lines and a stylish design. 5 different models available Pers

Price from 8.76€
See the 5 models

Hermetic plastic containers

Hermetic plastic containersPolypropylene constructionReinforced lidStackable and very stable when st

Price from 24.25€
See the 2 models
Isotherm epp containers

Isotherm epp containers

Isotherm epp containersIn GN 1/1 formatLightweight and very robust as they are made of expanded poly

Price from 32.17€
See the 2 models

Plastic box - UTILITY BOX

Plastic box - UTILITY BOXFood qualitySoft and flexible lids9 sizes (5 round and 4 square)Non-slip su

Price from 1.17€
See the 9 models

Plastic container - MULTIBOX

MULTIBOX are strong, transparent plastic containers that can be used to package, store and transport

Price from 1.32€
See the 12 models

Plexiglas tray GASTRONORM

Plexiglas tray GASTRONORMGlossy and smooth surfaceSpecial model for food contactColourfastHigh quali

Price from 11.40€
See the 42 models

PROBOX storage box

PROBOX storage boxTemperature resistant Stackable and nestable Insensitive to shocks 

Price from 5.26€
See the 7 models
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