Tray for glasses and plates

Tray for glasses and plates

Plastic containers for glasses

Plastic containers for glasses The glass racks are compatible with all European Standard containers

Price from 0.96€
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Solid plastic bin for glasses

The glass bins are designed for transporting, storing and keeping glasses. They are made of thick po

Price from 0.82€
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Dishwasher Racks

The multi-rack range is a complete system of racks for washing, storing and transporting glasses and

Price from 0.69€
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MULTIRACK Dishwasher kit

MULTIRACK dishwasher kit MULTIRACK Recyclable PP material Chemical and impact resistant material

Price from 24.15€
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Plastic containers for plates

Containers for plates  Multiroir offers a range of very robust racks for the transportation, s

Price from 9.61€
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