Sieve Shaker

Sieve Shaker

Stainless steel bouillon strainer
Bouillon strainers are essential tools in professional kitchens. Their mesh allows for efficient filtration of preparati...

PBI_01 Sieve Shaker 08/08/2022 868

Price from 5.16€ 10.62€
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Made of stainless steel, this fine-mesh skimmer allows for draining foods. Thanks to its very fine mesh, it facilitates ...

L73063 Sieve Shaker 21/02/2024 398

Available in single or double mesh, the stainless steel mesh strainer allows CHR professionals to accurately separate so...

PEI Sieve Shaker 22/02/2024 368

Price from 35.70€
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Mesh sieves are essential tools for professionals preparing sauces or pastries. With their standard 1 mm mesh, stainless...

TI Sieve Shaker 08/08/2022 1068

Price from 14.00€
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Interchangeable sieves with interchangeable bottoms provide a suitable solution for having multiple different mesh sizes...

TIFI Sieve Shaker 23/02/2024 652

Price from 21.00€
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Explore our complete range of stainless steel spiders, also known as fry skimmers, designed to safely lift your foods fr...

AEFI Sieve Shaker 23/02/2024 359

Price from 8.75€
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This range consists of stainless steel skimmers with a welded wire handle and a front hook for easy placement. Made of s...

PBIPI Sieve Shaker 23/02/2024 1050

Price from 2.80€
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Stainless steel tea strainerVery fine wire mesh to prevent debris from passing throughPlastic handleHanging hole integra...

PTI_01 Sieve Shaker 08/08/2022 791

Price from 2.10€
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Tinned double sieve with wooden handleWooden handleMedium double sieve, tinned3 models...

PASS_01 Sieve Shaker 08/08/2022 985

Price from 10.70€
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Tinned stock ladle with plastic handle...

PBEMP_01 Sieve Shaker 08/08/2022 840

Price from 6.67€
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