Transparent protective screen

Transparent protective screen

In times of epidemics (flu, COVID, gastroenteritis...), protective screens are an effective barrier against the projection of sprays carrying microbes and viruses.

Ideal for the tertiary sector, administrations, shops and any business receiving the public, the self-assembly protective screens protect your employees as well as your customers from projections and the risk of contamination.

Made from Plexiglas or tempered glass, the screens are easy to clean and disinfect and quick to install on a desk or counter.

The models of protective screens offered can be equipped with transparent feet with a slot to accommodate the screen. Other more flexible models come with plastic or wooden uprights to allow for more precise adjustment of the screen.

The variety of screen models ensures that you get a model that meets the needs of your facility and your staff.

Showcases Transparent plexiglass Great resistance Easy maintenance 2 models available...

VI_01 Transparent protective screen 08/08/2022 755

Price from 39.96€ 79.92€
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Transparent protective screen - width 75 x H79x Depth 30 cm
Transparent protective screen  - width 75 x H79x Depth 30 cm Two triangular supports 300 mm deep Material PMMA,...

L85415 Transparent protective screen 08/08/2022 359

55.30€ 122.88€
Tempered glass protective screen - Modular
Tempered glass protective screen - ModularPerfect transparencyMaterial: tempered glassReduces the risk of splashingFlat ...

VFC-7550 Transparent protective screen 08/08/2022 696

37.83€ 75.66€
Countertop protection screen- W 119 x H79 x D 30 cm
Countertop protection screen - W 119 x H79 x D 30 cm...

L85412 Transparent protective screen 08/08/2022 375

93.46€ 161.33€
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