Personal Protective Visor

Personal Protective Visor (P.P.V.)

Made in France, the protective visors are a protective measure perfectly adapted to limiting the risk of contamination by projection. They can be used in the tertiary sector, industry, hospitals and supermarkets.

Breakdown of the Personal Protective Visor

3 models of personal protective visors are available in this category. Each visor is composed of two independent parts: 


Made from polypropylene, the visor is flexible, resistant and durable. The choice of this material guarantees that you will acquire a product that is durable over time and easy to maintain. 

Polypropylene is resistant to impact, temperature variations and most chemicals available on the market. It is therefore easy to clean the visor after use.

The 3 visor models we offer are comfortable and fit all faces. The CLASSIC and FLEXI models are adjusted at the back with a graduated tab system. 

Protective Shield

Independent of the frame, the transparent APET lens. It is treated against fogging for optimal use with and without glasses. The screen offers a clear vision in addition to limiting the risks of projections of sprays which can be vector of microbes and viruses.

The combination of the screen and the frame allows natural breathing without disturbing hearing.


Clean with soapy water and a soft cloth.

Safety face shield - LIGHT
Safety face shield - LIGHT French manufacturing (94520 Périgny) Headband made of PHARMA copolymer PP material...

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